First Time

3.30.2010 - Posted by Zuzu at 4:57 PM
Hello everyone!

First let me tell you about myself. Hi I'm Sema and I am from Turkey. I live in İstanbuI (Iİstanbul) and I gratudated from Business Administration. Now I am working in private company. I love my job but at the same time I love to create handmade gifts for people ♥ I especially enjoy seeing the little stars in their eyes when they learn it is handmade by me. Right now I have more time to create and I opened a shop in Etsy for selling my own handmade designs. My shop name is Zuzu's World

In my blog you can find my own way of living, I write about the all things I love and appreciate. Sometimes I'll write English sometimes Turkish and maybe sometimes both of them :) Besides create handmade gifts I love taking photographs, doing experiments on photoshop, writing, reading, having sunday breakfast, spend time with my friends, dreaming.

You can contact me from