The Mysterious Language Of Turkish Oya Lace

4.12.2010 - Posted by Zuzu at 11:47 PM
Turkish lace work created all over Anatolia since 17th century. This work reflects Anatolian women's patience, creativity and devotion.

Woman’s delicacy, sensitivity, creativity, fertility, philosophy and oneness with nature are observed in the most beautiful examples of lace, an elegant and refined art that has its own mysterious language. Young maidens, new brides, and young women traditionally conveyed their loves—whether hopeful or hopeless, their expectations, their good tidings, their happiness and unhappiness, their resentment and their incompatibility with their husbands to those around them through the lace they wore.

Sewing needle lace is a variety that was produced by affluent, aristocratic, urban women. The most beautiful examples of such lace, which was usually made with a sewing needle using silk thread, were produced in the Ottoman Palace.

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